Breast reduction

A breast that is proportionally too large presents a great physical and psychological burden for many women, which can severely affect day-to-day social life. Often, everyday life is ruled by visits to the physiotherapist due to neck/shoulder pain and poor posture. Severe bra strangulation marks up to skin changes and wounds due to increased sweating in the inframammary fold are quite common.
To ease this suffering, a breast reduction (mammary reductoplasty) is often necessary. Here, excess breast and fatty tissue are removed. There are numerous surgical techniques and incisions. We find the optimum treatment option together in a detailed discussion, in order to define a naturally shaped breast of normal size.

Duration of treatment: approx. 3 hours
Anaesthetic: general anaesthetic
Length of stay: 2-4 hours
Scars: visible
Presentability: approx. 1-2 weeks
Price: approx. 5500€

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