Upper/lower eyelid lifting

Due to increasing excess of skin or decreased elasticity of the skin, there can be the formation of drooping eyelids or tear sacs over the years. This results in a tired appearance, which does not correspond to the actual state of being.
In order to achieve an open and radiant look and consequently a younger, more dynamic appearance, upper and/or lower eyelid lifting can be performed.
In this operation, any excess skin areas are removed in such a way that the scars are in the eyelid crease. Sometimes it is also necessary to reshape any excess fatty particles and/or muscle areas.
Following an in-depth consultation and thorough examination of the eyes, individual therapy options are discussed, in order to achieve the best possible result for you.

Duration of treatment: approx. 45/80 mins
Anaesthetic: local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic
Length of stay: none
Scars: barely visible
Presentability: approx. 1 week
Price: approx. 1000€/2500€

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