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The decision to put oneself in the hands of a plastic surgeon is often the result of a long thought process - and sometimes also the result of great suffering.

There are many different reasons why one might not feel good in one’s own body. The reason for this can either be accidents, anatomical conditions or the natural ageing process: changes are happening. If the overall picture is no longer harmonious, the individual quality of life can suffer greatly.
Sometimes it can be small things, or larger problems that hinder the development of one’s sense of self.

Beauty is subjective. My task as a doctor is to treat each problem seriously and sympathetically in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you. This includes a thorough examination and a detailed discussion of individual and realistic treatment options at the highest professional medical level, but also the risks and problems of aftercare. I want to help you to feel good in your own skin, so that you can develop without limitation. Often, self-confidence, wellbeing and inner happiness can be significantly increased with just some minor “outer changes”.

During my long-standing training as medical specialist and my practical work in plastic and aesthetic surgery, I have been able to further develop my eye for aesthetics and a harmonious overall appearance of the body.
For this reason, I am pleased to be able to support you in your quest for a better body image and improved quality of life, and would like to invite you to an individual and in-depth consultation.

Flavia Deutscher

Flavia Deutscher Fachaerztin fuer Plastische und Aesthetische Chirurgie
Driesener Str. 20A, 10439 Berlin, Deutschland
+49(0)179 140 49 82